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We are truly grateful for the positive feedback we receive from our valued customers. Here is what some of our customers have to say Qetesh products.

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"To be honest I was an anti loofah girl until I was introduced to the Qetesh Body Loofah. I wish I had started using them years ago , my skin has never felt so good ! I'm now a Loofah Lover for Life!" (Rochelle, Dianella WA)

"Hey, this product is the best I have ever used. I have very dry skin and suffer with "follicultis" (enflamed hair follicles on my arms). For years I was told that only cortozone washes and things like that would fix it. I use my Qetesh Loofah and the shower gel, along with the foot lotion and body lotion and if I knew about this stuff, I would have used it before. My husband also uses the loofah and the shower gel with great results with his shaving rash under his chin and now its almost non existent. My little boy who suffers with slight ezcema uses his little "fish" loofah and the shower gel (which is gentle enough for his skin) and he loves it! I would recommend these products to anyone. Go for it! I dare you!" (Sharyn K, Sinagra WA)

"For years I have used a cruddy synthetic body mesh ball and thought of the loofah as being harsh on my skin. Since using my Qetesh body loofah I actually feel clean and was pleasantly surprised how soft it was on my skin. I felt like I was treating my skin for the first time." (Carol, Maylands WA)

"In our household when it comes to bath time, out come the washcloth and a way we go. A friend of mine introduced me to the Qetesh body loofah. At first I was hesitant because I have always thought the loofah was some long scratchy thing that took forever to get soft. The Qetesh body loofah inflates in double it's size and was incredibly soft on my skin. Now my whole family uses this fantastic product." (Alfred, Armadale WA)

"It leaves your skin nice and smooth." (Maria, Oxford WA)

"Cleans your body and revitalises your skin." (Marta, Maddington WA)

"A shower is not a shower without a Qetesh loofah! I bought the back loofah and it gets to all those places I cant reach. Feels great! Now I spend to much time in the shower." (Darren, Perth WA)

"Love it, great gifts for friends and family and now I can reach my back without straining!" (Sam, Canningvale WA)

"I think the Qetesh back loofah is great, I've used others in the past but none as soft on the skin as this one." (Catherine, Ballajura WA)

"My skin is usually quite dry, and I know a loofah is the most effective way to get rid of dead skin cells. But in all the occasions that I've tried using a loofah, I've found them to be too abrasive and uncomfortable to use. However since getting my Qetesh body loofah, I've finally found the answer to my problems! My Qetesh body loofah gently buffs my skin to a healthy glow and my skin feels so smooth and clean after every shower and primed for my daily moisturising routine."
(Angie, Thornlie WA)

"I was introduced to the Qetesh range of loofah products through a friend and my skin has never felt better! The loofah is soft enough to use on my face and I have actually noticed blemishes and acne disappear with daily use. The back loofah has also done wonders for my once acne-prone back. Thanks Qetesh!" (Connie, Spearwood WA)

"Makes a great Christmas present, its a great natural cleanser that exfoliates your skin like nothing else." (Pauline, Perth WA)

"The Qetesh Body Loofah is just lovely on your skin. I've got all my relatives using this product,there is just nothing like it here in the UK!! " (Sandrine , Birmingham United Kingdom)

"I purchased a luxury body pack for my mum for her birthday.She raved about it so much that I bought one for myself!!! Beautifuly presented prompt delivery was fantastic !!!" (Cynthia, Kingsgrove NSW)

"The Qetesh loofah lathers up really well and is theraputic on the skin." (Allen & Cheryl, Mount Lawley WA)

"I'ts natural,It's soft,It's in my bathroom!!!! wonderful product" (Sasha,Kennsington WA)

"I have been using your loofah in the shower and I must say that it's a great product to use and leaves you feeling so refreshed and really clean.I also use the facial sponge and find it excellent, also a really convenient size. My face feels really silky smooth and clean, and I have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone.Well done on a brilliant product, rest assured I will be one of your regular customers." (Jackie, Merriwa WA)

"I'm very picky - but I love how gentle Qetesh is on my skin & how smooth if feels afterwards! Feels like I've been to one of those luxury day spas!" (Natalie, Applecross WA)

"I've always had loofah's however i have now discovered there are loofah's and then there are Qetesh loofah's. Loved the feel of it as soon as i used it. Great natural feel, never going back to the synthetic ones!!" (Joanne, Ascott WA)

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